Mercuria Holdings Co.,Ltd. CEO Toshihiro Toyoshima

Mercuria Holdings Co., Ltd. was established on July 1, 2021 as the wholly owning parent company of Mercuria Investment Co., Ltd., and was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the same day. Following this change, Mercuria Investment, a multi-strategy fund management company, was reborn as Mercuria Investment Group, an investment group with Mercuria Holdings as its holding company.

Since our founding in 2005, Mercuria Investment Group has developed investment strategies tailored to the macro environment of the day, based on the key concept of "cross-border investment" that transcends national, mental and generational barriers. In the field of business investment, in addition to the cross-border growth investments we have been making from the beginning, more recently we are focusing on succession buyouts. As for asset investment, we have produced listed REITs such as Spring REIT and Enex Infrastructure Investment Corporation, but also developed investment products in various asset classes such as solar power generation facilities and aircraft.

For growing companies, we offer growth equity, and for companies with succession or restructuring needs, we help them build a bridge to the future as a partner shareholder. In the current low interest conditions, we also provide institutional investors with cash flow financial products that are funded by compensation associated with the use of various "assets" such as real estate and aircraft.

Our mission, based on the principle of fiduciary duty to investors, is to provide field-oriented, high-quality investment management, thereby bridging the gap between low-liquidity alternative investments, such as private equity and asset investments, and long-term capital markets, and creating new value for society. By ensuring that invested funds are effectively used and circulated, we have strived to align and expand the axes of return not only for our investees but also for stakeholders such as fund investors and the Group's shareholders. The switch to a holding company structure will make it easier for us to collaborate with new strategic partners in various business fields. In this way, our Group aims to become a world-class investment group by flexibly capitalizing on not only internal growth but also external growth.

I believe it is important for the future of the Group to identify fields that are not currently well known but will become commonplace in the next five years, and to turn them into financial products as quickly as possible.

My hope is that we continue contributing to the development and security of our economic society through the development of a diverse range of businesses. I look forward to your support for many years to come.

Mercuria Holdings Co.,Ltd.
Toshihiro Toyoshima

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